What You Need To Know About Portable Fire Pumps

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What Are Portable Fire Pumps:

Portable firefighting pumps are firefighting tools with water pumps that can be easily moved to the scene of a fire and turned on quickly to dump a lot of water on the fire. “Forestry” equipment is often used to fight fires at home because it is portable and doesn’t weigh much. Along with portable fire pump manufacturer, we are fire hose reel manufacturers as well. 

portable fire pump manufacturer

When the water supply doesn’t have enough pressure to meet the hydraulic design needs of the fire protection system, a portable fire pump is used. The portable water pump for fighting fires gets water from an outside source to increase the flow and pressure of the water. Before you can use a portable fire pump, you need to find a steady source of water, like a lake, river, or pond. The high-pressure portable water pump can pump water over long distances or up to high elevations to make up for pressure loss (feet of head or dynamic head).

Types Of Fire Fighting Pumps:

Wildland firefighters have been relying on WATERAX as the best company to make high-pressure portable fire-fighting pumps for decades. We sell some of the best portable fire pumps, such as the ones below:


Since wildfires can destroy hundreds of homes. Portable firefighting pumps are the best way to bring the fight to the fire. Even more so when a fire starts in the woods. moves through your neighborhood and you can’t get to any fire equipment. Firefighters and people who own their own homes can avoid this dangerous situation if they have a portable fire pump.

We usually use portable fire-fighting water pumps when firefighters can’t get close to a fire because that’s what they do best. When they cannot pump out the water to a hose line, portable firefighting pumps are a great tool to use. We are some of the most reliable portable fire pump manufacturer you can find online.

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