Life-Saving Information About Fire Safety & Equipment

Life-Saving Information About Fire Safety & Equipment

Unfortunate Circumstances Don’t Come Informed. It Is A Known Fact That Accidents Happen When They Are Least Anticipated And Then You Are Left With Nothing But What-Ifs. It Is Always A Good Idea To Be Safe Than Sorry. This Is Why We Should Always Stay Prepared And Alert So As When The Calamity Strikes, We Know Our Way Out. 

Are You Tired Of Hearing About The Horrible Statistic That Over 25,000 People Die In House Fires Each Year? I Know. It’s Awful! But Don’t Worry. Now That You Know How Common Fires Are, It Is Time To Learn What We Can Do When They Happen.

This Blog Has Got Your Back With Answers To Some Important Questions Regarding Fire Safety And Equipment. So, That Individuals Stay Safe While Being Caught In A Burning Building.

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Fire?

In Almost All House Fire Cases, Malfunctioning Equipment Is To Blame. The Most Common Causes Of Fire Include Cooking Equipment Malfunction, Lighting, And Heating System Failures, Like Stoves Or Microwaves That Are Not Properly Maintained.

What Is The Right Amount Of Fire Extinguishers Required At A Facility?

It Depends On The Size Of A Place. For Example, Houses Near Forests Should Have At Least 4 To 5 Fire Extinguishers Because Fires Are Very Common In Such Areas. Yet Again It Also Depends On Other Factors Like How Many People Live There And What Kind Of Building Structure Is Used For That House/Building Etc.

What Good Does A Fire Alarm System Do?

In Simple Words: A Fire Alarm System Starts To Ring The Moment It Senses Smoke. This Makes A Lot Of Sense Because You Can Take Action Before Major Damage Takes Place And Save Yourself From Costly Property Loss If Found Early Enough, Big Fires Could Be Prevented Altogether With No Casualties. 

Is A Fire Sprinkler More Important Than A Fire Alarm?

Although Both Fire Sprinklers And Alarms Are Equally Important For A Safe Environment, Fire Sprinkler Gets To Work Straight Away Whereas Alarm Performs The Job Of Informing People. Although This Doesn’t Mean That We Shouldn’t Install An Alarm System It Simply Implies That Each Has Their Separate Jobs To Perform.

Which Type Of Fire Extinguisher Should Be Used To Put Out The Fire?

Fire Extinguishers Are Not All Created Equal. Each Type Of Fire Requires A Different Kind, So If You Need To Use One In Your Home Or Office It’s Important That You Know The Right Classification For What Is On Fire And Have An Appropriate Extinguisher Nearby. If Flames Break Out From Ordinary Combustible Products Like Paper, Flammable Liquids (Like Gasoline), And Electrical Wiring Then A Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher Will Be Effective At Putting Them Out Quickly Without Causing Damage To Other Objects Around The Area.

How Often Do I Need To Replace My Fire Extinguishers?

To Ensure That Fire Extinguisher Is Still Functional, Have One Inspected Annually. Different Types Of Fires Require Different Kinds Of Materials And Agents To Put Them Out; Therefore, It Is Important To Get The Right Kind For Your Particular Type Of Fire. 

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