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The Prominent Portable Fire Pump Manufacturer in China

Unifull Industry Limited is the world’s leading portable fire pump manufacturer for vehicle mounting. Since 2008, we have been designing and manufacturing fire pumps. We have constantly and successfully pioneered the field of fire pumps over the years. Producing unique solutions to meet the needs of fire professionals.

We think that by doing so; we are contributing to the betterment of the firefighting community. UI is a fire pumps supplier with a multi-product, multi-faceted firm that manufactures a wide range of firefighting pumps and equipment and exports its products to a variety of nations.

Why Choose Fire Pump Manufacturers?

We Are Defined By Our Determination And Focus:

We want to make the greatest portable fire pumps and Mosa cream chargers supplier in the world. Being one of the best is insufficient. We strive to be the best in every project we take on. When you buy a pump from a reliable High Qaulity portable fire pump manufacturer, you will notice the devotion, passion, engineering, and attention to detail. And that is what distinguishes us as dependable fire pumps manufacturers and our products as the best.

Unifull Industry is a dedicated fire pumps supplier of 2022. We are committed to providing fire service products. These products keep firefighters safe while on the job and give them confidence in their equipment’s capabilities. We are committed to resolving the problems that firefighters encounter in the wildlands.

Water pressure is necessary for sprinkler effectiveness and firefighting efforts, hence portable water pumps are required.

Quality Fire pumps supplier

The commitment of our organization to the quality of our quality fire pumps and fire pumping systems extends beyond the product range. best Fire pumps are possibly the single most crucial piece of firefighting equipment. Water pressure is required for sprinkler effectiveness and firefighting efforts, hence portable water pumps are required.

Unifull Industry’s products are of exceptional quality, as well as being a dependable and trustworthy portable fire pump manufacturer. Our firefighting pumps and co2 portable fire extinguisher have undergone the same rigorous testing and evaluation as the men and women who use them daily.

Business Success:

Protecting people, valuable assets, and revenue from fire-related damage is critical to a successful business, as is selecting the right fire pump supplier to service your fire alarm and life safety systems. Allow us, the leading best fire pumps manufacturers and fire blanket manufacturers, to be your first line of defense. We will be there for you when you need us.


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